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Nuclear is certainly the best solution to answer future energy key issues like the increasing need for electricity, the greenhouse effect, power fuel resources.

But the threat of nuclear terrorism remains undiminished; there is no reason to believe that the interest of terrorist or criminal groups in the use of nuclear and other radioactive material has lessened. Furthermore, consequences of any malicious act on economical, political, health or environmental situation can be catastrophic. The image of nuclear power still and continuously needs to be consolidated in the public’s opinion.

Thanks to IAEA, extensive work of all members and actors involved in nuclear activity now for years, many instruments and tools exist in supporting the States’ efforts for implementing efficient and reactive security policies.

The CPPNM (Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material) and its latest amendment , the Nuclear Terrorism Convention, the Security Council resolutions, the Code of Conduct and the different supplementary Technical or Implementing Guides are as many examples of these actions and tools. One of the big challenges of the international community and individual states is certainly in the coming years to make sure all these recommendations and instruments are set up, most effectively at each stage of nuclear’s life cycle.

With its in-depth knowledge of critical infrastructures, large technological expertise and a continuously developing range of products and solutions, Perimeter Protection offers you a total security package for physical protection, ensuring reliability, flexibility and a high-level of quality.
Our large platform of electronic supervision, detection and alarm systems; outdoor perimeter; entrance control and secure storage products or solutions enable us to answer most of your expectations for detecting, deterring, controlling and protecting your devices, materials, buildings, information and staff.

Perimeter Protection provides in-depth technical support to governmental services, engineering and technical departments or consultants, architects, main contractors, international nuclear specialists and local site managers and follows the required confidentiality and security processes concerning management and storage of sensitive information.
All sensitive areas of a site can be protected against most types of aggression (internal, external threats), profiles and motivations of the aggressors (demonstrators, activists, terrorists …). Our experience and expertise of security enables us to adapt our technology to a large number of modus operandi and offer our support and advice at the design phase of a site.

We can also react and avoid “simple” operational failures thanks to access, entrance and flow regulation solutions. High quality and reliability of our products associated to large service and maintenance abilities complete our global care of your expectations

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