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Over 35 Years of experience involved in the Perimeter Protection of military sites means 35 years working together with those responsible for military security and military related personnel and institutions involved in
- Planning
- Developing and design products and solutions
- Project management
- Installation
to provide the highest level of Force Protection.
Perimeter Protection has been at the forefront working with the military to design and manufacture products that comply with their requirements and can be used across all sectors. These products are tested across the world to Military standards and certified so as to be included on Government Security listings.
Perimeter Protection Group with its global coverage is able to offer a seamless process from initial site assessment, architectural definition, liaison with consulting engineers and cost consultants, right through to project management and installation ensuring that a professional relationship is maintained throughout. Most importantly is the facility to provide a local planned maintenance regime after installation.
Each site has its own challenges and with Perimeter Protection’s vast range of products to provide an Integrated and Total Security package, it is well placed to deal with such issues globally. Outer perimeter protection measures, access and entrance control solutions and electronic security, especially vehicle impact systems – all of which can be kept serviceable by a local planned maintenance regime once the successful installation has been completed.
To enable Military facilities to function well the security measures must install confidence in those that operate them and those that are protected by them – Perimeter Protection is the partner that can and does provide this.

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Thorsten Grunwald
+49 5258 500 951