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The Airport part of the Transport Sector has been evolving at fast rate during the past 5 years with the addition of NO FRILLS / Budget airlines & also the consolidation / agreements between major carriers. This has led to far more smaller airports now being used & with major carriers having greater demands & expectations from the airport to match their customer’s requirements.
The Civil Aviation Authorities in conjunction with Governments & owners have looked to their internal security advisors in order to “design out” risk by using proven & tested products. These clients will be affiliated to the Aviation Security Standing Council & Airports Council International.

The requirements of Airport Security are very similar to that for Military sites, Diplomatic sites & also for Utilities / power generation sites with assessment & guidance coming from a central Government body / agency. These bodies / agencies do not just provide guidance within their own countries but due to the Global nature of the threat are involved in mitigating threat & risks on projects across the globe.

Perimeter Protection has been at the forefront working with these agencies to design & manufacture product that comply with their requirements & can be used across all sectors. These products are tested across the world to various standards & certified so as to be included on Government Security listings.

Perimeter Protection Group with its global coverage via regional offices is able to offer a seamless process from initial site assessment, architectural definition, liaison with consulting engineers & cost consultants, right through to project management and installation ensuring that a professional relationship is maintained throughout. Most importantly is the facility to provide a local planned maintenance regime after installation.

Each site has its own challenges & with Perimeter Protection’s vast range of products to provide an Integrated & Total Security package, it is well placed to deal with such issues globally. This includes outer perimeter protection measures, access & entrance control solutions ( Immigration security gates ) and electronic security, including vehicle impact systems, blast & ballistic partitions & entrance systems – all of which can be kept serviceable by a local planned maintenance regime once the successful installation has been completed.

To enable these facilities to function well the security measures must install confidence in those that operate them & those that are protected by them – Perimeter Protection with its Key Account Management programme is the partner that can & does provide this.

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